These Healthcare Jobs Are Some of the Most Lucrative for 2018!


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People look for jobs in healthcare for many reasons. One common aspect is the passion and desire to help people. Another aspect is the paycheck associated with many healthcare jobs. Of course, your background and experience level contributes a lot to how much you’ll get paid, but there are certain jobs that stand out among the rest. No matter what stage you’re at in your career, here are the most lucrative jobs in healthcare you can aspire to get. Hospitalist The unique thing about hospitalist jobs is there are many different openings. You could be a general hospitalist working… Read more »

How to Survive Tax Day as a Locum Tenens Physician


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Unfortunately, one of the most headache-inducing periods of the year has fallen upon us: tax season. Most employees will have to collect their pay information and head to their local tax preparer and/or spend countless hours poring over forms. However, independent contractors—such as those in the locum tenens industry—have it especially rough. It’s time for you to gather your 1099s and figure out how much you owe. While the idea is certainly unpleasant, we at Catapult Staffing understand the task ahead of you and are here to help. We’ve put together some tips to help make tax day a… Read more »