The perfect prescription for staff vacancies.

Did you know that the average time-to-fill a physician job opening is now 8 months?

That’s 8 months of trying to ensure coverage. 8 months of reduced revenue.

8 months of stress on your organization.

And with 500,000 unfilled physician jobs (and growing), there is strong competition for available providers.

It’s time to make hiring faster. And easier.

At Catapult Healthcare, physician recruiting is all we do. Whether you’re looking for physicians, CRNAs, PAs or NPs, we can help you find the providers who are the best fit for your organization – and we can help you move quickly to find the specialists you need.

Three ways to get your jobs filled.

Locum Tenens

Physicians to provide coverage for short- or long-term needs. With locums, you can ensure that the level of care doesn’t waver when patient levels increase —without the expense of a full-time hire.

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Want to make sure your next hire is a perfect fit for your facility? Contract-to-hire services let you “try out” a new hire on the job for a defined period of time before you commit to a hiring decision.

While not all physicians will be available on a contract-to-hire basis, this form of hiring virtually eliminates the risk of a bad hire.

Permanent Placement

Not seeing the caliber of candidates you need for a full-time position?

Our professional recruiters will conduct a confidential search on your behalf to source candidates with the appropriate skills and experience. Our Permanent Placement services will improve your access to talent, reduce your time to hire, and reduce the burden on your current providers. And, since we work on a contingency basis, you don’t pay unless we deliver the physician you need.


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