Hiring is hard. Hiring physicians is harder.

Getting the specialists you need, just when your facility needs them, well, that can feel almost impossible.

Unless you work with Catapult Healthcare.

We’re a team of highly experienced healthcare recruiters. We know where to source talent. We know how to work with healthcare providers. And most importantly, we have the skills and ability to get hard-to-find physicians interested in your facility and the career opportunities you offer.

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Put an end to the pain of physician recruiting. See what Catapult can do for you.

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Why Catapult Healthcare ?

Our first focus is quality of care.

As physician recruiters, we are not simply filling job openings. We are keeping facilities properly staffed. We are sourcing specialists who provide life-saving services. We are in the business of ensuring access to quality care for people throughout America.

As your talent scout, we understand our role and the importance of doing our job exceptionally well.

We’re smaller…by design.

Our leadership team used to work for those big national recruiting firms. They founded Catapult Healthcare to be everything the big guys were not – more caring, more responsive and 100% focused on recruiting excellence—not on monthly quotas.

We’re a little compulsive (okay, more like obsessive) about process.

Physician recruiting is a combination of art and science. For us, the art is our experience, and the science is our process. Whether it is a locum tenens role, contract-to-hire or direct placement position, we adhere to strict recruiting processes to ensure the best possible match between provider and facility.


And more than just a little bit. We pride ourselves in treating every client and every physician with respect, honesty and trust.

But what really matters are results!

Our goal is not simply to fill your job requisitions; it’s to consistently supply you with the ideal physicians for your specific hiring needs. And, you don’t pay, unless we deliver. We work on a contingency basis; so you won’t be billed unless we deliver the right provider for you. By investing more time upfront—with both our clients and candidates — we are able to match the right provider to each job opening…and focus on getting results!