Can Staffing Agencies Help You Find A Job After Residency?


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Whether you’re finishing up your residency or you’ve recently completed it, finding jobs in healthcare is likely the next thing on your list to do from a career perspective. You may have already been putting out feelers to different employers to see what would be available for you, but now it’s really time to start getting serious. You could spend hours looking at hospitalist jobs online, searching through job listings on a mobile phone app or any other source. However, your best resource for finding the best job may be through healthcare staffing agencies. Save Your Time and Energy… Read more »

These Skills Will Benefit Every Medical Employee!


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Even though people working hospitalist jobs go to a hospital or clinic every day for work, that’s not the case for patients. Most patients are nervous being in a medical setting, especially when they are anxious about their medical condition, or the condition of a loved one. This is why many of the skills possessed by the best medical professionals aren’t the ones learned in textbooks. Here are some of the developed skills that can benefit all medical employees. Be Empathetic Healthcare jobs can be difficult, because you don’t know exactly what type of pain patients are going through…. Read more »

How to Survive Tax Day as a Locum Tenens Physician


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Unfortunately, one of the most headache-inducing periods of the year has fallen upon us: tax season. Most employees will have to collect their pay information and head to their local tax preparer and/or spend countless hours poring over forms. However, independent contractors—such as those in the locum tenens industry—have it especially rough. It’s time for you to gather your 1099s and figure out how much you owe. While the idea is certainly unpleasant, we at Catapult Staffing understand the task ahead of you and are here to help. We’ve put together some tips to help make tax day a… Read more »

Could Locum Tenens Work Be the Right Fit for You?


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Locum tenens is a booming industry, so much so that hospitals across the country are employing locum tenens physicians to pad out their staff. Professionals all over have written about the benefits of locum tenens hospitalist jobs. In fact, you may have read a few already! Whether you’re already familiar with the field or are just hearing of it in-depth, this lucrative career choice just may have quite a bit to offer. Interested? Read on to learn how and why a locum tenens career may be the best choice for you. Flexibility There always comes a point in life… Read more »

How to Choose the Best Locum Tenens Staffing Agency


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Recruiting agencies sometimes get bad reputations because of their high-pressure sales-pitch tactics. However, with a locum tenens staffing agency, you should feel like the agency is working with you to help you achieve your goals. The best staffing agencies offer personalized service and show dedication toward meeting all of your needs. Keep in mind you’ll have to be honest with them as well in order for them to best serve you. When you’re looking for a medical staffing agency in Dallas, here’s what you need to be mindful of. 1. Be Specific With What You Want While it’s okay… Read more »

What Should You Include on Your Locum Tenens Resume?


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Preparing a resume and CV is tough for any professional, but especially for people searching for locum tenens jobs. There are some general guidelines to remember, such as not making it too long and using a professional font, but a locum tenens staffing agency will need more specific information from you than that. Here are some of the considerations you should make, and what you need to include for your locum tenens resume. Take Your CV Seriously Before we talk about resumes, we want to stress the importance of a quality CV. Your CV should include details like your… Read more »

Physicians’ top 5 most-used medical apps for smartphones and tablets


There’s little doubt that lots of physicians are using medical apps on their smartphones and tablets, but doctors seem less-than-thrilled with those apps. In a survey of about 1,400 physicians, only 28% of smartphone users and 18% of tablet users described themselves as “very satisfied” with the quality of apps for their profession, according to American EHR Partners, which is affiliated with the American College of Physicians. Interestingly, medical app usage in a medical practice was much higher among smartphone users (51% daily) than tablet users (30% daily.) Below are lists of physicians’ most-used medical apps on smartphones and… Read more »

The New Catapult Healthcare is Live!


Catapult Healthcare was launched in 2013 by a team of seasoned staffing industry veterans with a vision to build a different kind of staffing firm, a firm that: • Puts quality ahead of quantity. • Truly values the relationship with every client and every candidate. • Provides talented people with exceptional opportunities to succeed. • Is more motivated by a successful outcome than the almighty dollar. Catapult Healthcare new website includes interactive a searchable job board and mobile-enabled website, a regularly updated blog with great advice for both jobseekers and employers.

How to Prepare for Your Physician Assistant Interview


The interview process can be a dreaded experience. It’s difficult to know exactly what an interviewer is going to ask and what kinds of answers they are actually looking for. The questions are formed with one purpose in mind: to discover if applicants are a good fit for the position and if the position will fit them well. When interviewing for physician assistant jobs, the questions you can expect will typically fall into one of three categories. Thinking about your honest answers to these types of questions will help you prepare for the interview. Personal QuestionsInterviewers will ask a… Read more »

Why Do Facilities Need Locum Tenens Professionals?


The use of locum tenens staffing has increased over the last few years and shows no signs of decreasing. Medical facilities, such as hospitals, urgent care clinics and long term acute care centers, are starting to count on locum tenens for their medical staffing needs. The obvious question then, is why? Turns out, there are some good reasons for it. Medical Professionals Retire or Resign Sometimes an opening can be filled before a professional retires or resigns. In some instances, there is ample time for finding a suitable replacement. However, sometimes there is a gap or no one to… Read more »