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As an administrator of an organization, you want to fill your jobs with the best candidates in the most efficient way possible. Using a medical staffing agency is a good solution. However, not all agencies are created equally, so there are several things you should look for before deciding which one to work with. Here are five of those things a locum tenens company should provide to administrators to know they have your best interests in mind.


As an organization, the ideal way of filling locum tenens physician jobs is to rely on the staffing agency to find the best candidates. On the same note, the organization needs to have a dependable employee once they get the job. It does neither party any good to just fill a position without being able to know confidently the employee will be a great match.

Streamlining Processes

Find a medical staffing agency that will assign you one agent to work with at all times. Having a single person handling your candidates, negotiations and other aspects will make it easier and more efficient when needs arise. Over time, the locum tenens agency will be able to anticipate your needs and deliver results before they are expected.

Provide A Personal Approach

Many locum tenens companies take a reactive approach and only take action when an organization contacts them. The best medical staffing agency will pay a visit to an organization periodically to simply meet face-to-face and talk about short-term and long-term goals. Staffing agencies that take the time to provide a personal approach will almost always provide better overall service than other agencies.

Fill Requests Quickly and Effectively

Sometimes you need to fill locum tenens physician jobs quickly. A quality staffing agency will have candidates on standby and know exactly which ones would be good to fill your position. Responsiveness is critical in the high-paced healthcare industry, and your locum tenens agency should provide it to you.

Provide Comprehensive Services

A locum tenens staffing agency should do more than just provide you with a physician assistant when you need one. They should also be actively involved in finding the best candidates for long-term positions and understand other needs of your organization. You don’t want to work with an agency who sits back and waits to be called on, but you also don’t want an agency always contacting you to drum up more business. The best locum tenens company can anticipate your needs and will contact you at the right time.

Catapult Healthcare takes a personal approach with every organization and candidate we work with. This approach allows us to provide the best possible service to benefit all parties involved. Be sure to contact us to see how our services can benefit your organization now and in the future.

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