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When you’ve gone through all of the educational requirements of becoming a surgeon, the ideal scenario is to start working your dream job right away. However, that perception isn’t always a reality, especially with how competitive jobs in healthcare are today. The good thing about beginning your surgical career is you will usually have plenty of options to choose from, so you can be somewhat selective. Here are a few tips for starting out your surgical career.

Gain Experience While In School

Never think you have enough experience to get the job you desire. Gain as much experience as you can while in school, since most hospitals have various hospitalist jobs available at any given time. You may even consider reaching out to a medical staffing agency to explain your situation. Many times, a staffing agency can help pair you with a hospital looking for an aspiring surgeon to help them with various duties to gain valuable experience.

Find The Best Residency Program

The residency program you choose is a huge first step to starting your surgical career off on the right path. This program allows you to get hands-on experience working with patients in the specialty of your choice. With so many hospitalist jobs available, you could benefit from having a specialized skillset. Your residency program could last up to seven years, so taking your time when deciding on one is critical to help you get your career off to a good start.

Consider Locum Tenens Work

Many aspiring surgeons don’t understand the benefits of working as a locum tenens. A locum tenens surgeon may not fit your career goals, but it’s a great way to get experience with different hospitals and practices until you find the right fit. When you use a medical staffing agency to find a surgeon position, they will be able to match your skills and aspirations with a certain hospital. Locum tenens jobs allow you the flexibility you may desire until you find the right location and job you want to settle in with.

Catapult Healthcare wants to help you get on the career path of your dreams. We have access to thousands of jobs in healthcare, but take pride in finding the right fit for aspiring surgeons. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time, no matter what stage you’re at in your career.

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