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Working as a locum tenens is very valuable and satisfying for most people, and most of those people will tell you their staffing agency played a big role in their satisfaction. There are hundreds and thousands of locum tenens physician jobs available, but you don’t necessarily want all of them. The role of medical staffing agencies in Dallas is to pair your unique skillset with the right fit from a skill and cultural standpoint. Here are a few traits you should look for in a locum tenens staffing agency before deciding to work with them.

Explains Processes and Assignments Clearly

Vagueness is not something you want to deal with when looking for locum tenens jobs. While it may sound good when the agency says they’ve worked out the details in the background for you, it’s in your best interest to know what those details are before accepting an assignment. Explaining their process, potential assignments and contracts clearly is a good sign the agency is trustworthy to work with.

Follows Through on Promises or Requests

As a locum tenens professional, you may have some specific requests. Even if your requests are as small as how you wish to communicate with the agency, make sure they follow through with it. If they aren’t able to honor even the simplest requests or don’t deliver on the smallest of promises, then it’s hard to believe they will do it throughout the job placement process.

Understands How Your Experience Fits a Job

The best medical staffing agencies in Dallas will narrow down options for you based on your skills and experience. Look for an agency specializing in the healthcare industry, and specifically, locum tenens jobs. A locum tenens is a specialized position, so the importance of finding the best fit possible will benefit both parties.

Listens to Your Short-Term and Long-Term Needs

Every locum tenens professional has specific needs. You may only be in a city for a few months and will be relocating elsewhere for the long-term. Whatever your specific goals are, your locum tenens staffing agency should make those goals their priority. A good agency will put you on a path to achieve those goals rather than just find you a job to pay the bills.

Catapult Healthcare has provided the best service as a medical staffing agency since its inception in 2013. We take the time to understand the needs and goals of each professional and strive to put them on the right path to achieve those goals. Be sure to reach out to us to see how our services can help you find the best locum tenens physician jobs available to you.

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