locum tenens physician jobs


Locum tenens work is no longer reserved for a specific age group or a certain experience level. More professionals are coming to healthcare staffing agencies looking for locum tenens jobs now than ever before. The main reason why this is true is because of the extensive benefits offered. Hospitals and other medical facilities are more willing to hire locum tenens professionals as well, making it a fairly in-demand position. Here are some of the main benefits of being a locum tenens professional.

Broader Experience

If you’re at the first half of your career, locum tenens physician jobs can give you a wide range of experience. You don’t have to be nailed down to a long-term commitment at any facility, you can travel and work at different facilities and do a variety of jobs and tasks. This wide-ranging experience may lead to more job options later on in life.

Better Work-Life Balance

With locum tenens physician and hospitalist jobs, you’ll have more flexibility than you’ve ever had before. You can virtually create the schedule you desire, so you can spend the time you want on your own hobbies or to simply spend time with your family. Since you aren’t a full-time employee at a particular facility, you don’t have to deal with the political aspects or commitments those employees do.

Increased Pay

Some locum tenens physician jobs may not pay more than a full-time physician, but you can work longer hours if you want in order to make more money. If you’re a full-time physician at a practice, you can take locum tenens opportunities at other practices to supplement your income. Your pay is based on the amount you wish to work, so it’s completely in your hands.

More Flexibility and Opportunities

Many people pursue locum tenens physician jobs because they don’t know where they want to settle down at. This flexibility allows people to make money as they are deciding what they want to do and where they want to live. And to an extent, the various experience helps them decide exactly what sector of a hospital they want to work in. With the opportunities available and the flexibility that comes with them, people of all ages are pursuing locum tenens assignments.

At Catapult Healthcare, we can help you find the locum tenens physician jobs you desire. We are one of the most trusted healthcare staffing agencies because we work with you to find the best possible match for your situation and aspirations. Be sure to contact us to see how our agency works and how we can help you live the locum tenens life.

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