Healthcare is a growing industry and there are parts of the country with a critical shortage of healthcare professionals. This is particularly true with nurses. To meet the demand travel nurses make themselves available. They typically get assignments for 13 weeks, and then move to another area. There is a very high demand for these people and many nurses who enjoy traveling and seeing different places are interested. Travel nursing agencies exist to help nurses but an individual needs to be certain a given agency can do a good job.

Needed Benefits

These positions have good wages and nurses in specialized areas such as oncology may be paid a premium for their services. Many healthcare facilities will offer a sizable bonus for any nurse who completes the assignment successfully. Money should not be the only thing considered. The travel nursing agency ought to be able to provide both good health insurance and contributions to a retirement plan. The agency should also have a plan for travel reimbursement. It would allow you to decide whether you wish to fly to the new destination or drive.

Housing Is a Critical Concern

You do not want to spend 13 weeks in a small hotel room. At the same time you are coming into a new area where you’re not familiar with the real estate. The agency should be able to arrange for housing. You can do that yourself, which would require having to deal with a landlord who may or may not want to do a short-term renting. The agency may already have working arrangements with real estate companies in the area. Be sure to have the agency spell out in detail precisely what travel arrangements or stipend are available.
What you should do before you start looking is to determine exactly what you will need. This would be compensation, any bonus structure, health insurance, contributions to a retirement plan, and housing accommodations. The agency anticipates you will be asking these kinds of questions. You also must know a little bit more about where the assignments will be. Not everyone is going to be in a vacation spot; some might be in fairly isolated rural areas. At the same time, there are some very unique benefits outside the compensation package.

An Amazing Adventure

You will experience the satisfaction of knowing you are needed. Travel nurses go where there is a scarcity and their presence is appreciated. You will have the opportunity to be in a location where you may want to become a permanent resident later on. Some of the medical facilities offer an opportunity for skill acquisition which you may not be able to receive in your hometown. Finally, this is a chance to see parts of the country you have never been before.
Travel nurses are in demand and working with a good travel nursing agency will make everything much easier. There is no reason for you to do all the work by yourself. A travel nursing agency can find the right assignment and secure the best housing, while seeing to it your compensation package is extremely rewarding.

-Catapult Healthcare

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